The hidden Gem of New Corella, Davao Region

New Corella is a 2nd class municipality in Davao del Norte province in Davao Region, the Philippines with more than 54 thousands inhabitant. This town is known in the field of agriculture which serves as the major source of livelihood for every citizen that produces rice, vegetables, bananas, and other root crops. Most of their products are brought to Tagum City, the capital of Davao Del Norte.

If you’re looking for a natural recreation spot where can spend time and take a break with a hustle-bustle city activity, New Corella is the place you should visit. Aside from the beautiful rice fields, this small town has an engaging natural environment and natural sports that are popular with the locals. I had proven once during our quick visit in September that this town has enjoyable kind of attractions and still looking for more time to get here again.

A Quick stop in Carmen Town
New Corella is about 68 kilometers away from Davao City International Airport passing the Daang Maharlika/Pan-Philippine highway/ AH26. Along the national road in Carmen town, you will notice several stalls selling local products made in the province. Have a quick stop then try their best Balut (a fertilized duck egg boiled with seasonings). Normally, selling Balut starts in the afternoon before dark, but here in Carmen, you can even try it while still warm in the daytime.

The Matinao Inland Resorts
This resort is located 19 kilometers or a 30-minute drive from Tagum City and 6 kilometers from the town of New Corella. This place is a perfect getaway for a group tour who wishes to experience the great ambiance of nature where you can find different types of swimming pools. At the resort, you will notice that entire walls are colorfully painted which is beyond imagination, while the flowing water is fresh and clean.

The Matinao Inland Resort features 7 swimming pools where some of which are comparable to Olympic size with a depth of 2 to 10 feet which can accommodate the flocking of visitors even on holidays. At the upper side of the resort is the 3 feet kids’ pool with an installed slide that can be enjoyed by the children and those who want to get back to being a child.

Selections of cottages are installed beside each poolside which has advancement when you’re with kids; you can easily track them while enjoying the rejuvenating water.  If you wish to stay overnight, this resort has room accommodation where you can stay overnight or so. In terms of food, there is a various selection of pre-cook food available at the canteen.

Panas Waterfall and Eco-Tourism Park
Don’t miss the Panas Waterfall and eco-tourism Park when visiting New Corella and experienced its chilly refreshing water at the great ambiance of the natural climate. It is located 30 minutes from the town proper passing the challenging road toward the barangay of Carcor. Panas waterfall has multi-tiered cascading water that flows down to layered rock formations and plunges into a small lagoon at the basin. 

Aside from the waterfall, this eco-tourism park also has a swimming pool that can be enjoyed with refreshing and icy flowing water, perfect for both adults and children. Since this place is not touristy even during the weekend, the water maintains its cleanest clean water while the natural environment is still observed.

If you wish to relax, just plunge into the water of your choice, to the lagoon or swimming pool, and your first impression about the challenging road condition will wash away. Although this area requires certain improvements in the facilities and road conditions, it is still one of the province's proudest spots in the field of Eco-tourism attraction.

Head on to Davao City Integrated Bus terminal in Ecoland then, catch up a Bus going to Tagum City; bus fare ranges from P110 to P130 pesos (US$2-3) with an approximate 2 hours bus ride. Then, get off to Tagum City Bus Terminal. From there, look for a jeepney terminal going to New Corella. For a day tour, it is recommended to be here early in the morning since the trip schedule is limited from Tagum City - New Corella - Tagum City.

At New Corella Town, hire a motorcycle to reach the Matinao Inland resort or the Panas Waterfall and Eco-tourism Park. Fare ranges from 30 - 50 pesos (less than US$1) depending on the number of the back ride.


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