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Early morning view at Maragusan Town , Davao De Oro - Sea Of Cloud

Maragusan is a first-class municipality in the province of Davao De Oro located on the border of Pantukan and Davao Oriental. It has a population of 64,412 people according to census 2022 and is considered the 3rd most populated municipality in the province. Maragusan is surrounded by vast mountains as the main city is situated at the center and looks like in the center a “Kawa” (frying Pan). 

Mindanao | Maluso town has best sunset in Basilan

Municipality of Maluso,  located on the island province of Basilan. A 4th class municipality with a population of 45,730 people according to the census 2020 and the third largest municipality in the province after Isabela City and Lamitan City. This municipality is geographically located in the southern retired part of the islet, near the Sulu and Banguingui Islands,

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