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Indonesia | The famous Kawah Putih of Ciwidey, Bandung

Ciwidey is located 50 kilometers from the south of Bandung metropolis, home of the notorious sulfur lake in West Java in Indonesia – the Kawah Putih (the white crater). Positioned in the timberland right on an andesitic stratovolcano-Mount Patuha which erupted in the 12th century creating 2 craters, one is dry and on came the lake, the Kawah Putih. There has been no recorded eruption of Mount Patuha since 1600 so this area can be considered stable. During the Dutch rule, this place was formerly a sulfur mining point but now in cease. The Indonesian forestry department took over the area in the 1900s to develop as a tourist point.

Indonesia | The most visited places in Ciwidey, Bandung

This passage broke in Tangerang, aboard a private car, we headed to the small city of Ciwidey in Bandung to visit the noted sites in the area. It has a distance of about 210 kilometers and we traveled for over 3 hours via Jl. Tol Jakarta-Cikampek and Jl. Cipularang Toll Road from the starting point. It's farther compared to 140 kilometers from the southern part of metropolitan Jakarta.

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