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Panikian Island: A Hidden Gem in Pitogo, Zamboanga Del Sur

Nestled in the azure waters of the Sulu Sea, off the coast of Pitogo in Zamboanga Del Sur, lies the enchanting Panikian Island. Often referred to as Turtle Island due to its abundant marine life, this secluded paradise boasts pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and an ecosystem teeming with biodiversity.

Mindanao | Maluso town has best sunset in Basilan

Municipality of Maluso,  located on the island province of Basilan. A 4th class municipality with a population of 45,730 people according to the census 2020 and the third largest municipality in the province after Isabela City and Lamitan City. This municipality is geographically located in the southern retired part of the islet, near the Sulu and Banguingui Islands,

The magnificent beauty of Binangawan Falls - Camiguin Island

  Camiguin is a volcanic island and a province covered by Northern Mindanao. One of the favorite destinations that should not be missed when visiting Camiguin is the Binangawan Waterfall located in the highland of Sagay. In terms of road accessibility, a paved route is already constructed so that visitors can easily see the magnificent falls.  The easiest way to reach the main fall is to hire a motorcycle in Sagay.  From there, the driver will bring to the drop-off point. As a climbing enthusiast, the treks may be the easy one for you; but steep ones are difficult for me. as a new Hiker like me, I suggest visiting these waterfalls during summer so that the trails are not too slippery.   

The charming Islands of Davao Oriental - Mindanao

  Rich in nature, it is labeled as “The Wonder of Water Paradise” of the Davao Region. The most popular destinations that should not miss once you visit this province are; (1) The World Heritage site and a wildlife sanctuary of Mt. Haguimitan in San Isidro; (2) The historic place of Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso; (3) Subangan Museum in Mati City, where the 7th largest preserved whale species in the world are displayed; (4) Pusan Point in Caraga, a place with a perfect glimpse to witness the New Millenium Sunrise, and; (5) Aliwagwag waterfalls or known as the stairways to heaven in Cateel.

The Waniban Island of Mati City, Davao Oriental

  No wonder that Davao Oriental in the Philippines adheres to its “Water Wonders” namesake; apart from awning magnificent Aliwagwag Waterfalls In Cateel and the shining Campawan Curtain Waterfalls in Baganga, this province is also surrounded by beautiful islands and panoramic beaches. 

The naked island of Camiguin - Mindanao

  Situated in the Northern Island of Mindanao, Camiguin is considered the second smallest province in the Philippines. Camiguin Island has seven (7) volcanos in total including the famous Mt. Hibok Hibok that erupted in the 1950s. Old folks believe that this island exists throughout volcanic eruptions way back in time.  With namesake “Islands-born of fire” yet the volcanic Island of Camiguin is described as the most peaceful Island paradise in the country, blessed with several tourist attractions, spring, beaches, waterfalls, and the people that make tourists are mumble staying here.

Malamawi Island | The happy side of Basilan

Basilan - a home of almost 113, 000 populations located across the north side of Zamboanga City and the Malamawi Island offshore. It is a promising Island Province with two booming cities, Lamitan and Isabela City. It is also a diverse community where a sizable presence of Chavacanos, Tausug, and Yakans. The Sama tribe, Maranaos, Ilocanos, Cebuanos and Chinese are the minorities. Numerous dialects also spoken, but primarily used by most inhabitants is Chavacano, Tausug, Cebuano, and Yakan.  English is also mostly used by locals. 

San Jose | Grace Island, the Maldives of the South

Are you short on budget but in need of a stress-relieving getaway? Look no further than Grace Island Resort, fondly referred to as "the Maldives of the South" by locals. Nestled on Buri Island in Barangay Ambulong, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, this exclusive resort offers a captivating experience with its floating cottages and naturally inspired architecture, providing breathtaking views from above.

Sablayan| The underwater Paradise of APO Reef

Sablayan isn't just renowned as the largest municipality in the Philippines; it's also home to the renowned APO Reef Natural Park and the world's longest island-to-Island zipline. A visit to Occidental Mindoro isn't complete without experiencing the wonders of Apo Reef, making it a must-see destination for divers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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