Road to the hidden paradise of Malabog, Davao City

Davao City is the main hub of the Davao Region in Mindanao with more than the 1.6million inhabitant where the diversified culture and religion are unified in maintaining lasting peace. Known for its bountiful beaches, natural spots, and historical attractions. Davao City was also famous with the king of the fruit-Durian, Bananas, and other tropical fruit exported outside the province. 

You may have visited some of the famous attractions in the nearby City which are also often seen on travel shows and social sites. However, there are also new spots in the sub-district of Davao City that currently gaining attention among locals; one of those is a place called Malabog, a remote barangay located in a hilly part of Pacquibato District. 

Road to Malabog
My wife Lorraine asks me if I knew where Malabog is located.  Out of familiarity, I get my phone to quickly search why this lovely lady mentioned this place and found out that several spring resorts are located in the area. In other words, these resorts are frequently visited during the weekend and gaining popularity among locals. 

One morning, they ask me for a quick trip to Malabog so that kids will have another level of vacation experiences and to have a family bonding also. As always, an on-the-spot road trip always won over to a well-dated plan. After some preparations and searching the short route, we directly headed to Panabo City to pick up some companion who can also guide us for this trip. 

Along the way from Panabo City, we ended up to unexpected road conditions towards the inner part of the Banana Plantations. It is a roughly 7 kilometers bumpy road trip passing the Lacson road going to the hilly part of barangay Malabog in Pacquibato District. Past 2 o'clock in the afternoon when we arrive at Masdec Spring Resort.

The Masdec Resort 
If you are sated in several spots located within the city, then try to take a road trip and experience the hidden beauty of Malabog which is abundant with natural spots like the lake and spring resorts like the Masdec Spring resort, located just a few meters away from the main road.

This resort, I would say needs some kind of site development but is still considered as one of the best choices if you’re just looking for a day tour in Malabog. This resort doesn't have room accommodation for a night stay but several nipa hut cottages, and wooden tables for rent from  P100 to P200 pesos (about US$4). Renting a cottage is compulsory, so, better to choose your best seat.

The entrance fee is P30 pesos for adults and 20 pesos for Children below 9 years old, PWD, and Senior Citizen includes the use of pool facilities. Bringing food is allowed in these resorts but corkage fees will be charged especially when bringing Lechon (roasted pig).

Masdec Spring Resort features the large size swimming pool situated at the lower part of the resort which is suitable for children to swim and adult who wants to enjoy dipping at the icy flowing water. Ensuring the safety, numbers of pool watchers were deployed in different poolside. It may be difficult plunging into this spring water for the first time but really gives a refreshing and overrated feeling once you made it. 

Since we visited this resort during the weekend, a few locals is with us enjoying the whole facilities of this resort. Children enjoyed the water as expected and they ended up swimming for more than 2 hours.

On the upper right side near the entrance, you will also notice the Kids' pool with 3 to 4 feet depth and the eye-catching long stretch of a concrete slide that connects to the 3rd swimming pool with a 5 feet depth. Unlike the typical slide, this one has a slight elevation and you can straightly fall to the connecting pool.

Way back Home
After the short visit, we decide to get down to this hilly part of Davao city before the dark. Several spring resorts are located along the road; I wish we still have time to visit some of them. Another spot that should not miss when visiting Malabog is Camp Eleaga and Remy Areja’s Resorts.

At this time, we’re taking a new route passing the Pacquibato (Poblacion) road with an exit to Tadeco road in Panabo City. Needs extra care when passing this route, aside from construction underway, this route has several blind spots, elevated and curved lanes while warning signs don't exist yet.

The Hanging Bridge and the concrete bridge
We’re passing this route to have a side trip and the kids can take a chance walking at the hanging bridge as they never experienced yet and also to take a quick stop at the historic concrete bridge. It may be dark when we arrived but still enjoy it somehow. 


The best way to get here is by taking private vehicles. Although the road is almost paved and wide, using public transportation is quite a challenging one. If you wish to have a backpacking journey, you can use these routes.

From Davao City, catch up a bus going to Tagum City or a similar route then get off to Panabo City Grand Terminal. At the terminal,  a short walk going to the jeepney terminal situated outside then look for a jeepney lane going to Paquibato or Malabog.  At Malabog (Poblacion) hire a habal-habal (scooter) to reach the Resort

  • Be early in catching up on the schedule of the trip to Malabog
  • Daily Trip schedule is very limited and has a flexible schedule 
  • So better to ask your driver about the exact trip schedule
  • You can also hire a scooter from Panabo City or Calinan District 


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