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Siburan River Park hit the ground - Occidental Mindoro

Siburan River Park (River Park de Siburan) is the newest traveler magnet in the megacity of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro adding new footprint among the gigantic spot in city. Located inside the Sablayan Penal Prison Farm (SPPF) in Colonia, Siburan River is known for its swash with an iconic essence bridge that most trippers cross this ground stopped to take their stylish shot.

The Libuao Lake - Occidental Mindoro

  Libao Lake is located inside the 24 hectares of Siburan forest parks and the Sablayan Prison Farm in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. The Libao is derived from the local tribe word of Mangyan “Libwa”, or the white lotus, that is typically grown in the lake waters.  Lake helps to produce local (fish) harvests and another source of livelihood to the prison community. Fish fences are restricted in order to retain the natural beauty, in fact, this lake is considered the cleanest inland body of lake water in the country. 

The longest Island to Island Zipline in the Philippines

  Sablayan Zipline  Adventure  is situated inside Parola Pressing Park i n Poblacion, Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. Parola is a Mountain Park that became a watchtower of the town to defend against intruders' way back in the century and became one of the historical places in this town.  At this present age, Sablayan has begun to be known throughout the country when it comes to the tourism industry. 

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