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The Giant Clam Sanctuary - Camiguin Island

  he Giant Clam Sanctuary is located in the southern tip of Camiguin Island, in the small town of Guinsilaban. It is managed by a non-government organization, the Kabila Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery, in which all the services rendered are utilized for the maintenance of the beach operation, clams conservations, and improvement of the marine sanctuary. For those who want to witness the glooming clams, just get your   map and pin   your journey to the Kabila Beach situated in Cantaan Bay. 

The Sinulog Festival

 he Sinulog  Festival, one of the most prestigious festivals celebrated in Cebu every January and the grandest of all festivals in the Philippines attended by millions of people each year in commemoration of religious history and honor to Patron of Cebu City, Santo Niño; a statue of baby Jesus as a special presentation by the Portuguese-born Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon of Cebu in late 1521.  This millennium history became an organized celebration when the first Sinulog Parade was held in 1980, then, later on, it was adopted as the grandest festival.

The Electrifying Beauty of Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan City

  Ma. Christina falls is one of the twenty-seventh natural waterfalls that could be explored in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte; no exemptions that this City known as “The City of Majestic Waterfalls”. Ma. Cristina Falls waters are coming from the Lanao Lake, flowing to the entrance toward Agus River going through the small town of Baloi, then, split up into different directions; one sheltered to Tinago Falls and the bulk of waters streaming onto the Ma. Christina Falls.         

The Tinago Falls of Iligan - Mindanao

  Tinago Falls makes its name as a primary tourist attraction in Iligan City, coined as a City of Majestic Waterfalls were Ma. Christina is also located. Tinago means hidden, Gitago in Bisaya or Tinago in Tagalog, which the waterfalls name came from. Aside from that,  the waterfalls owing 500 steps downhill before they can be reached their feet.

Best Seafood in Nganjuk, Indonesia

During my three-day visit to Kota Nganjuk in East Java, Indonesia, I had the chance to explore the diverse flavors of their local cuisine. Here are some of the delicious dishes I tried during my stay: 1. Soto Daging Sapi One standout dish I tried was Soto Daging Sapi, a beef soup with a unique twist. In Kota Nganjuk, it's prepared with a flavorful broth and tender beef meat, including some exotic parts, served with rice. Unlike other versions of Soto Daging I've tasted elsewhere in Indonesia, the one in Nganjuk has a distinct salty flavor, omitting the sweetness usually found in dishes like Soto Daging Madura. 2. Nasi Jagung During my visit to Air Terjun Sedodo, I had the chance to savor Nasi Jagung for the first time. This traditional dish hails from Nganjuk and is considered an authentic local delicacy. As the old seller explained, Nasi Jagung boasts a rich and flavorful taste, with corn rice complemented by crackers, salted fish, and vegetables, all topped with a delicious c

Must try noodles in Wonogiri, Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest world's Island country and the second-largest consumer of noodles in the world next to China. No wonder that every traveler can find the noodles cooked in every City to visit.  Most of the time, I love to prefer trying local food to taste, during my travel, that sold by the local people not just to help them to raise their income but also looking for the cultured taste and the originality of it.    Here are some of the best local noodles I've ever tasted during my visit to Wonogiri, Indonesia.   1.  The Soto Ayam in Baturetno, Wonogiri

Sambal Cumi (Chilli in squid) of Wonogiri, Indonesia

  Sambal Cumi is a combination of unique Indonesian flavors mixed with fresh sliced tomatoes, traditional sugar (Gula Jawa), terasi, ginger, garlic, onions, seasonings, Indonesian Chili, and sliced Cumi (squid). The taste is a little sweet, sour, and spicy that could be mixed in the rice or dip with tofu, chicken, or anything you want to mix with it.

Nasi Kremes of Kota Pacitan, Indonesia

  Nasi Kremes can be tasted anywhere on Java Island. It is a local style of buffet cuisine in which all foods are displayed. Just get a plate then choose the local food you want to eat. After the meal, the cashier will ask about the class of food have you get and pay for it base on what you say.  Funny, but it is very effective to test honesty to pay for what you've eaten! Nice practice! food is very tasty and very unique. Enak Banget!  One that I like in Indonesia is the food;  the way of preparing and the process of cooking is definitely very connected in their culture depending on the City where you visit. As result, the taste is very unique and flavourful. 

Savoring Sate Ayam: A Culinary Journey in Nganjuk, Indonesia


Pagayawan Waterfall of Lanao Del Norte

  Here come the Waterfalls! Pagayawan waterfall is another masterpiece of Lanao Del Norte; so-called the waterfalls capital of the Philippines. Located in Barangay Pagayawan in the small town of Bacolod, Pagayawan Falls has taken the spots as another prospect tourism attraction that will be added to its nature's epic collections of the province.  This enchanting waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful and amazing waterfalls on the island of Mindanao.  

The magnificent beauty of Binangawan Falls - Camiguin Island

  Camiguin is a volcanic island and a province covered by Northern Mindanao. One of the favorite destinations that should not be missed when visiting Camiguin is the Binangawan Waterfall located in the highland of Sagay. In terms of road accessibility, a paved route is already constructed so that visitors can easily see the magnificent falls.  The easiest way to reach the main fall is to hire a motorcycle in Sagay.  From there, the driver will bring to the drop-off point. As a climbing enthusiast, the treks may be the easy one for you; but steep ones are difficult for me. as a new Hiker like me, I suggest visiting these waterfalls during summer so that the trails are not too slippery.   

The Libuao Lake - Occidental Mindoro

  Libao Lake is located inside the 24 hectares of Siburan forest parks and the Sablayan Prison Farm in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. The Libao is derived from the local tribe word of Mangyan “Libwa”, or the white lotus, that is typically grown in the lake waters.  Lake helps to produce local (fish) harvests and another source of livelihood to the prison community. Fish fences are restricted in order to retain the natural beauty, in fact, this lake is considered the cleanest inland body of lake water in the country. 

The Panikian Lake - Occidental Mindoro

  The 3rd class municipality of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro is currently regaining its popularity in terms of world-class Tourism destinations. In recent years, the World Longest Island to Island Zipline open its door and became popular over time. Sablayan is also the home of the second (2nd) largest contagious coral reef in the world, the Apo Reef. Love beaches? Try to visit the Pandan Island Grande and you will surprise by its white sand coastline and crystal clear water.

Paluan Town is the Waterfalls capital of Occidental Mindoro?

  Occidental Mindoro is a developing province covered by MIMAROPA and yet, it may be self-reliant to develop several public services accessibility, especially in terms of transportation. However, this province doing its best to raise its namesake  Mina de Oro  due to developing tourism destinations like the  APO Reef  which is recognized as the second-largest contagious reef in the world, and; the longest  Island to Island Zipline  in the World both located in the town of Sablayan. Today, as to write this article, I just realize that this small town of Paluan has many potentials awing world-class tourist attractions that could soon be placed on the Philippines tourism map.  

The charming Islands of Davao Oriental - Mindanao

  Rich in nature, it is labeled as “The Wonder of Water Paradise” of the Davao Region. The most popular destinations that should not miss once you visit this province are; (1) The World Heritage site and a wildlife sanctuary of Mt. Haguimitan in San Isidro; (2) The historic place of Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso; (3) Subangan Museum in Mati City, where the 7th largest preserved whale species in the world are displayed; (4) Pusan Point in Caraga, a place with a perfect glimpse to witness the New Millenium Sunrise, and; (5) Aliwagwag waterfalls or known as the stairways to heaven in Cateel.

Best Places to visit in the East Coast of Davao Oriental

  Davao Oriental is one of the beautiful provinces in the Davao Region that is blessed with world-class Tourist attractions and stunning places, so it is known as the  Wonders of Paradise . Davao Oriental is divided into two (2) political districts; the west coast fronting Davao gulf and Celebes sea, and; the East Coast is fronting the  Pacific Ocean. Davao Oriental relies on an agricultural-based economy, which mainly produces rice, lumber, and root crops.  In 2002, when the east coast of  Davao Oriental was devastated by category 5 by typhoon Pablo that destroys major parts of the town; many families lose their homes, livelihoods, and tourism attractions.

4 Interesting Places to visit in Baganga, Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental   is gaining popularity in the terms of beautiful and stunning places, making the province one of the tourism hubs in the Davao Region. Davao Oriental is separated into two (2) different political districts, the west coast fronting the Davao Gulf and Celebes sea and; the East coast facing the Pacific Ocean. Despite it, Davao Oriental’s town is so blessed with various heritage and natural blessings that bring unique identities in every place in Mindanao tourism destination.   This travel article will bring you to one of Davao Oriental’s small towns, not so famous, but full of abundant tourism attractions that belong to  Wonders of Paradise . An exception from the hospitality of the people, which is a common behavior of Filipino, here are the most wonders that  Baganga excites you to visit.

Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador in Misamis Oriental

  El Salvador is a small City in Misamis Oriental Province of Southern Mindanao. This City is known as “The City of Mercy” or “City of The Savior” home of 50 feet Divine Mercy statue of Jesus Christ, believed to be the tallest of its kind in the Philippines and in the World. The Divine Mercy Shrine is upright at Divine Mercy Hills with an overlooking view of Macajalar Bay and Camiguin Island. 

Things to do places to visit in Mati City

Mati is a fifth-class City and the capital of Davao Oriental Province or known as the "Wonders of Paradise" blessed with many attractions and places that can be explored in short visits; featuring its beautiful islets, beaches, Historical attractions, and stunning sceneries.  Mati is from the Mandaya word   Maa-ti , which refers to the creek downtown that dries quickly even in heavy rains. Mandaya language is widely spoken by the locals, but they can also communicate using Cebuano, Tagalog, and English languages.     

The Waniban Island of Mati City, Davao Oriental

  No wonder that Davao Oriental in the Philippines adheres to its “Water Wonders” namesake; apart from awning magnificent Aliwagwag Waterfalls In Cateel and the shining Campawan Curtain Waterfalls in Baganga, this province is also surrounded by beautiful islands and panoramic beaches. 

Things you need to know before visiting Dahican | Mati City

Dahican coastline is seven kilometers stretch representing its fine sand, crescent shape beach line girded with coconut trees where you can spend your full vacation. Located in Barangay Dahican, in Mati City,   Davao Oriental   in the Philippines, Dahican Beach is known for beautiful beaches, turtle sanctuaries, skimboarders, surfers, and beach lovers. Beach resorts in front of the coastlines offer affordable accommodations either for small or large groups. 

Mie Ayam Bakso of Kota Pacitan, Indonesia

  During my first travel to Kota Pacitan, I search for the best Mie Ayam Bakso in the City since this local food is one of my favorite kinds of noodles to eat in Indonesia. One of the local stores appeared. At lunch, I and my friend went to the food stall and order the best serve. a while our order was served at our table together with cold iced tea.

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