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Bayog, Zamboanga Del Sur

A Journey Through History The roots of Bayog, Zamboanga Del Sur, can be traced back to the 1950s when pioneers settled in this pristine area. The journey to access essentials like food required arduous trips through the jungles of Baking, Lakewood, Nilo, and Maragang, or across swampy terrains like Lamare, Galit (now Villacastor), Gaulan, and Diplahan, often navigating Sibuguey River on bamboo or wooden rafts to reach Malangas. In 1953, a surge of immigrants found their home in Bayog, which was initially a barrio under the Municipality of Malangas. Named after the abundance of "Bayog" trees, the area quickly grew in population and significance. A Strive for Independence By 1957, opportunities in agriculture, business, and employment attracted even more settlers. The construction of the SAMAR MINING COMPANY (SAMICO) road from Bobuan to Pamintayan further fueled the town's expansion. In 1959, Bayog had outgrown its barrio status, leading to the creation of a new barrio, now

Exposing the beauty of Hikong Bente Waterfall - Lake Sebu

  Hikong Bente is the 2nd majestic waterfall that can be explored in the province of South Cotabato. Located in Barangay Seloton in the small town of Lake Sebu, Hikong Bente is known to be the highest and the most beautiful among the seven magnificent waterfalls in the province with  70 feet high.  Lake Sebu is 102 kilometers or about 2 hours drive from General Santos City, the closest Airport to reach this incredible and historic place. 

The Summer Capital of South Cotabato - Lake Sebu

  Lake Sebu is a first-class Municipality and a home of more the eighty thousand people covered by the province of South Cotabato, Philippines. Nested with natural beauty, surrounded by hills, mountainous landscapes, and virgin thick forests covering 42,450 hectares of land area. It is also a home of several Indigenous tribes (T’boli, Ubo, Tiruray, and Manobos), maintain their cultural identity, and is known for their unique skills in weaving, brass casting, and fishing activities. The community living on the lakeshore engaged in aquaculture mainly produces Tilapia and other freshwater harvests while the Agriculture sector contributes the major shares to their economy.

The Electrifying Beauty of Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan City

  Ma. Christina falls is one of the twenty-seventh natural waterfalls that could be explored in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte; no exemptions that this City known as “The City of Majestic Waterfalls”. Ma. Cristina Falls waters are coming from the Lanao Lake, flowing to the entrance toward Agus River going through the small town of Baloi, then, split up into different directions; one sheltered to Tinago Falls and the bulk of waters streaming onto the Ma. Christina Falls.         

The Tinago Falls of Iligan - Mindanao

  Tinago Falls makes its name as a primary tourist attraction in Iligan City, coined as a City of Majestic Waterfalls were Ma. Christina is also located. Tinago means hidden, Gitago in Bisaya or Tinago in Tagalog, which the waterfalls name came from. Aside from that,  the waterfalls owing 500 steps downhill before they can be reached their feet.

Pagayawan Waterfall of Lanao Del Norte

  Here come the Waterfalls! Pagayawan waterfall is another masterpiece of Lanao Del Norte; so-called the waterfalls capital of the Philippines. Located in Barangay Pagayawan in the small town of Bacolod, Pagayawan Falls has taken the spots as another prospect tourism attraction that will be added to its nature's epic collections of the province.  This enchanting waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful and amazing waterfalls on the island of Mindanao.  

The magnificent beauty of Binangawan Falls - Camiguin Island

  Camiguin is a volcanic island and a province covered by Northern Mindanao. One of the favorite destinations that should not be missed when visiting Camiguin is the Binangawan Waterfall located in the highland of Sagay. In terms of road accessibility, a paved route is already constructed so that visitors can easily see the magnificent falls.  The easiest way to reach the main fall is to hire a motorcycle in Sagay.  From there, the driver will bring to the drop-off point. As a climbing enthusiast, the treks may be the easy one for you; but steep ones are difficult for me. as a new Hiker like me, I suggest visiting these waterfalls during summer so that the trails are not too slippery.   

Paluan Town is the Waterfalls capital of Occidental Mindoro?

  Occidental Mindoro is a developing province covered by MIMAROPA and yet, it may be self-reliant to develop several public services accessibility, especially in terms of transportation. However, this province doing its best to raise its namesake  Mina de Oro  due to developing tourism destinations like the  APO Reef  which is recognized as the second-largest contagious reef in the world, and; the longest  Island to Island Zipline  in the World both located in the town of Sablayan. Today, as to write this article, I just realize that this small town of Paluan has many potentials awing world-class tourist attractions that could soon be placed on the Philippines tourism map.  

The Campawan Falls of Davao Oriental - Mindanao

  No wonder that Davao Oriental earned the namesake “Wonders of Paradise” in the provinces of Davao Region, Philippines. From abundant landscapes, white-sand beaches, and beautiful Islets that marked Davao Oriental in Tourism heaven in years to come.   Aliwagwag falls in Cateel marked the highest waterfalls in the Philippines while another water nature reserve from the first-class municipality of Bangaga is known to be the widest and best curtain falls in Davao Region.       

The highest waterfalls in the Philippines | Aliwagwag falls, Davao Oriental

  Aliwagwag Waterfalls is part tropical lowlands rainforest of Aliwagwag Protected Landscape located in the 2nd class Municipality of Cateel, East Coast of Davao Oriental in the Philippines.  Cateel is much known when it comes to Agriculture to support the needs of more the forty (40) thousand populations. But in 2012, the town is severely affected by category 5 typhoon Pablo that destroys major parts of the town; many families lose their homes, livelihoods, and the Aliwagwag Falls. 

Tiklas Falls, Gingoog

  Misamis Oriental   has a lot of potential in terms of vacation destination especially the beauty of natural surroundings in it.  Gingoog City   is the oldest city or known as "the City of Good Luck" awaits you to visit the magnificent   Tiklas Falls   located in Barangay Lawit. This fall was managed and maintained by City Government as one of the Eco-tourism Park in the City.  Gingoog City is situated 74 kilometers distance from Butuan City and 122 kilometers East of Cagayan de Oro City. 

Tinuy an Falls, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

  Tinuy-an Falls  is located at Barangay Barboaanan, Bislig City of Surigao del Sur, Southern part of Mindanao believe to be the most popular tourist attraction and most visited tourist destination in the province. Going to the falls is not easy due to its demographic distance from the City plus the road is seriously rough especially during the rainy season but good to see that road construction is underway.

Camiguin Island | The stunning beauty of the Tuasan Falls

  There is a never-ending exploration in Camiguin Island's alluring destinations, from dipping into the inland waters, exploring the Islands' beaches up to the historical places. But then, it will not be completed if you dropped an opportunity to scout the majestic waterfalls on the Island. On the second day of the visit, got lucky with perfect weather, the group headed to barangay Mainit in the town of Catarman to experience the nature's impact of the Tuasan Falls. It is about 27 kilometers away from the place we stay in Mambajao.  Going there is like, easy as pie; passing a very accessible and concrete road with a little bit of zigzag towards the location. If you're passing the same way, don’t miss to visit  the Sunken Cemetery  just along the road in Barangay Bonbon.  

Irenggolo Waterfalls, Kediri in Indonesia

A beautiful tourism magnet indeed in Kediri is underrated since this small town is far from the airport and the beautiful spots in East Java. Irenggolo falls (Air Terjun Irenggolo) is one of the area's well-known attractions. The waterfall name derives from the legend army commander, Iro Manggolo that lost to the War and fled into these falls to the end of his life, later, the villagers found him  

Exploring the Majestic Sedudo Waterfall in Nganjuk, Indonesia

When you find yourself in Nganjuk, Indonesia, don't miss the chance to explore its famous waterfalls, often frequented by locals and tourists alike. Among these natural wonders is Sedudo Waterfall, nestled in Ngliman Village, Sawahan District, within Nganjuk Regency. This picturesque waterfall sits at an altitude of 1,438 meters above sea level, cascading approximately 105 meters down near the base of Mount Wilis.

Visiting Cateel amid Pandemic - Aliwagwag Falls, Hanging bridge

After visiting the town of Lingig in Surigao Del Sur, we headed straight to Cateel in the province Davao Oriental for an hour and a half drive. Town of the famous and the highest waterfalls in the whole Philippines - the Aliwagwag Waterfall. Cateel is a 2nd class municipality located on the east coast part of Davao Oriental. It has a population of 44, 207 people according to the 2020 census. 

Visiting Tinuy-an Falls during the Covid19 period | Bislig, Surigao del Sur

The month of August,  I went back to Bislig city in Surigao de Sur from Tagum City. It was afternoon when I left Tagum City so I will definitely spend the night on the road because it is about 3 hours drive by private car. This is my first visit to Bislig City during Covid19 so the city of Bislig is in General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Checkpoints at each border are definitely strict in addition to the strict protocols and curfew hours.

The hidden Gem of New Corella, Davao Region

New Corella is a 2nd class municipality in Davao del Norte province in Davao Region, the Philippines with more than 54 thousands inhabitant. This town is known in the field of agriculture which serves as the major source of livelihood for every citizen that produces rice, vegetables, bananas, and other root crops. Most of their products are brought to Tagum City, the capital of Davao Del Norte.

Indonesia | Coban Rondo's remarkable beauty

Coban Rondo is one of the most beautiful and famous Waterfalls in the Malang Regency in Indonesia. Located in Batu Malang, this waterfall is estimated 84 meters high with a strong water current pouring 90 to 150 liters per second; enough to give cool temperatures and maintain the greener scenery.  Coban Rondo was inaugurated as a tourism destination in 1980 where the waterfall and the natural beauty of the environment served as the main attraction.

The mystic beauty of Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin

To complete the day in Camiguin, we headed back to the center of Mambajao and take an opportunity to visit the Katibawasan Falls. Then, take another five-kilometer route with a slight elevation going through Mt. Timpoong. This trip was part of my bucket list in completion of the three waterfalls exploration in the Island of Camiguin and I was very fortunate to be here. My curiosity got activated due to numerous locals told me that this waterfall has the most scenic vicinity, feels like in fantasy series but thinking to have little exaggeration. 

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