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Visiting Mariano's Blooming Agri-Tourism Park in South Cotabato

Tupi is a municipality in South Cotabato province located in between General Santos City and Koronadal City with less than 70 thousand inhabitants, basically, engaged in Agriculture and farming. This place was once considered the fruit and vegetable basket of South Cotabato province. and known for its super sweet pineapple, flower garden, and a perfect place to take the great view of the stratovolcano called  Mount Matutum.

Ultimate Guide | 11 Best Things to DO in Occidental Mindoro

From the virgin forest, white sand beaches to the world-class Island; just imagine how wonderful Mindoro Island is. Mindoro is also known as the 7th largest Island in the Philippines with respected indigenous ancestors and distinctly identified as Mangyan Tribes spoke 8 different languages and cultural identity. Mindoro Island is divided into 2 provinces, Occidental and Oriental where the Mount Halcon and mountain ranges served as the boundaries. Occidental Mindoro is divided into 11 municipalities with total inhabitants of  487,414 according to NSA 2015. 

Indonesia| Sarangan Lake and the monkeys of Magetan

Sarangan Lake is situated at the southern slope of Mount Lawu, an inactive stratovolcano in the hilly district of Plaosan, Magetan Regency in Indonesia. From downtown Magetan, you will travel 16 kilometers west passing halfway between Maduin and Solo route.  Sarangan Lakes is sitting 1,287 meters elevation, so pack your thick clothes because you would be experienced chilly weather here especially in the morning and afternoon. No wonder why Sarangan Lake is one of the most visit tourist attractions in the regency and listed as a favorite spot by the Dutch people during colonial days. Sarangan Lake or known by locals as Telaga Serangan or Pasir Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Java Island by Wonderful Indonesia Tourism.  This lake covering 30 hectares with 28 meters deep while the climate drops between 18 - 25 Celsius. At night, Sarangan will be covered by fogs most time which is quite challenging for those who love traveling after dark. If you wish to stay and experience its

Indonesia | Coban Rondo's remarkable beauty

Coban Rondo is one of the most beautiful and famous Waterfalls in the Malang Regency in Indonesia. Located in Batu Malang, this waterfall is estimated 84 meters high with a strong water current pouring 90 to 150 liters per second; enough to give cool temperatures and maintain the greener scenery.  Coban Rondo was inaugurated as a tourism destination in 1980 where the waterfall and the natural beauty of the environment served as the main attraction.

Interesting Things to DO in Wonogiri Regency, Indonesia

Wonogiri Regency has located on the southern side of the Central Java Province in Indonesia with the neighboring city of Solo on the South, Karanganyar in the north, Ponorogo, and; Magetan, Pacitan in the Eastside and the coastal area fronting the Indian Ocean. Wonogiri is very famous for watersheds and tourist attractions that are slowly discernible by the locals. Wonogiri Regency is beginning to recognize by the outside tourists for its less crowded but beautiful beaches and very close to Pacitan Regency, a well-known spot for Surfing and the City with 1,000 caves. Here are the top things to do and places to visit in Wonogiri Regency;

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