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Kapatagan is an area positioned withinside the highlands of Digos City, Davao del Sur. It is a cold place, being positioned on the foothills of Mt. Apo and expanding at about 1,299 meters above sea level. The fertile soil of Kapatagan makes it perfect for plant propagation and the manufacturing of vegetables. It is one of the assets of vegetables in the Digos area. It is likewise a not unusual place to look cute flora of various species developing in this place. 

Kapatagan in most reason to visit? it is blessed with amazing views of nature. You will get to enjoy the verdant vegetation in the area and the mountains around the relaxing Place. Communing with nature is one of the best antidotes to stress especially if you live in the city chasing time and work. Beautiful flowers. You will get to enjoy the lovely flowers that grow in Kapatagan, Digos. 

Its balmy weather and fertile soil are located just near Mt. Apo making the flowers thrive and bloom. Beautiful mountains. Since the place is one of the jump-off areas going to Mt. Apo, going to the place makes you enjoy the lovely mountain ranges that surround the place. 

Inviting Water Falls! If you are the more adventurous type and you love the waters, you can take yourself to the lovely waterfalls in the area. Close Glimpse of Mt. Apo, Philippines’ highest peak. Ahh, the amazing Mt. Apo. You can clearly see it in this place, especially in sunny weather.


There are several spots Kapatagan can offer. It is an area proficient with lovely nature, a lovely view of mountain ranges, lush plants, and of course, the view of the majestic Mt. Apo.

1. Dhen Yho's Family Place

If you want to experience cool weather this summer, get packed and head on to the summer capital of Davao del Sur. in the small community of Kapatagan in Digos City, lies with several spring resorts that are perfect for summer vacation and scaping a bumpy city life. Although there are several places in Barangay Kapatagan that give you a pleasant summer experience, this resort called Dhen Yho’s Place, drives you to another level of traveling expectations. From there, catch up a Bus bound for Davao City, then, get off to Digos City Integrated Terminal.

  • Entrance Fee: P100
  • Contact # 0963 972 8400 | 0963 972 8400

On the beautiful and spice-scented mountains of Kapatagan, Monte Frio Garden Resort welcomes guests to a comfortable cold sanctuary, where greetings of cold smiles and gentle mountain breezes fill each day It provides day and overnight accommodation services. They have villas and cabanas for their guests.
  • Entrance: P110.000 (sightseeing only)
  • Contact # 0919 098 8948

Plenty of resorts have set up shop along the cliffsides of Kapatagan, all offering astounding views of Mt. Apo and its environs. Last weekend, our family was treated to an overnight stay at Secret Haven by Wine Woods Apo. Secret Haven is an exclusive resort tucked away on a hill five minutes from the main resort Wine Woods Apo. We drove up to the resort around 4PM, just as a sea of clouds started to envelop the surrounding area. Secret Haven has three different accommodation types. My sister-in-law and her family took the main house with an outer room, bedroom, and dining area.
  • Entrance fee: 200 (100 consumable)
  • Contact # 0930 801 7859

Camp Sabros Highland Resort is located in Barangay Kapatagan, a mountainous community in Digos City, province of Davao Del Sur in the Philippines. The climate in Kapatagan is tropically cool that's why lots of Highland resorts along the road are rising like mushrooms. 

On the other hand, the community living in this mountainous part of Digos takes a good climate to well take advantage of their livelihood. In fact, most people living here mostly engage in farming producing lots of kinds of quality vegetables

Majestic mountains and grand garden views await you in Jardin de Señorita! Jardin de Señorita showcases a modest garden with a huge character. While colorful flowers thrive in the garden, the rest of the resort also sticks to the theme. Jardin de Señorita features several man-made attractions that are also pleasant to the eyes. The magnificent mountain views and the sights at and outside of the garden will never be tiring to look at.


Visiting Kublai Art Garden become one of the maximum surreal stories I actually have ever had. Why? It made sense as though I become in a land of fantasy. It jogged my memory of a few famous magical films from Disney and The Hobbit. 

Truly, Kublai’s masterpiece becomes amazingly unique. I couldn't assist but admire how innovative and innovative he become whilst doing this precise artwork work; he need to be so stimulated whilst doing it then.

Ogle at the fresh and green scenery of different landscapes and gardens of the Ske Garden Cafe and Dine. Pump that adrenaline up with some adventure activities. Stand side by side with larger-than-life works of art of the Sky Garden recently renowned as the newest remarkable spot visited by local tourists along with the famous spot in Kapatagan. 

It is placed in Mount Apo Natural Park, Bansalan, Davao del Sur, Mindanao withinside the Philippines. At one hundred meters, it's by far the tallest waterfall in Mt. Apo Natural Park. This waterfall flows into the Sibulan River, which flows to the Davao Gulf. 

Deeply hidden withinside the mountains close to the Mount Apo National Park in Sitio Tudaya of Barangay Sibulan, at Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur lies a towering majestic splendor known as Tudaya Falls - a thundering drop of strong gush of waterfalls that cascades right into a basin of cool, crystal clear waters.

Considered one of the maximum and delightful waterfalls withinside the Philippines, this unmarried-tiered waterfall is surely a maximum welcome oasis proper withinside the center of thick timber and massive towering ferns and cogons amid a path of sharp rock formations and stiff climb. The welcoming icy mists of the waterfalls as one enters the region is as soothing because the serenity of the complete marvel with handiest the fast rush of waters from excessive above mixed with the musical chirping of untamed birds soaring lightly round and the swaying sound of the timber can be heard. 

The shades of the forest amid an excellent climate are all too inviting to disregard the entice of the waterfalls' herbal pool of icy cold, crystal clear waters on the basin.


Kapatagan Valley has these days come to be one of the maximum famous outside journey locations in Davao del Sur due to the various precise wonders and beautiful attractions to look at and experience - an honestly distinct sort of journey for families, relatives, businesses of friends, or colleagues from the workplace will honestly enjoy. 

The highlands of Kapatagan is positioned in Digos City, Davao del Sur. It is likewise a famous soar-off factor amongst mountaineers making them ready to scale the height of Mount Apo - the Philippines' maximum mountain peak.


One of the best attractions in Kapatagan is a resort complex called Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside. Camp houses along Lake Mirror in Camp@Tagan Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside is a two-part campsite complex. What sets this apart from other camping sites is the magnificent view of Lake Mirror.  Have the chance to ride a boat, and paddle over Lake Mirror. Enjoy a boat ride in Lake Mirror at the breathtaking scenery of Kapatagan, from inside Camp@Tagan Hillside


The nearest airport is in Davao City, the Francisco Bangoy International Airport
  • From the airport, hire a taxi going to Ecoland Overland Terminal
  • then, catch up a Bus going to Digos City. Do not ride a Bus which is non-stop, mostly bound for Kidapawan City, General Santos City, and Kidapawan City
  • Get off at Digos Integrated Terminal
  • then, hire a motorcycle to reach Barangay Kapatagan

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