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The Campawan Falls of Davao Oriental - Mindanao

  No wonder that Davao Oriental earned the namesake “Wonders of Paradise” in the provinces of Davao Region, Philippines. From abundant landscapes, white-sand beaches, and beautiful Islets that marked Davao Oriental in Tourism heaven in years to come.   Aliwagwag falls in Cateel marked the highest waterfalls in the Philippines while another water nature reserve from the first-class municipality of Bangaga is known to be the widest and best curtain falls in Davao Region.       

The highest waterfalls in the Philippines | Aliwagwag falls, Davao Oriental

  Aliwagwag Waterfalls is part tropical lowlands rainforest of Aliwagwag Protected Landscape located in the 2nd class Municipality of Cateel, East Coast of Davao Oriental in the Philippines.  Cateel is much known when it comes to Agriculture to support the needs of more the forty (40) thousand populations. But in 2012, the town is severely affected by category 5 typhoon Pablo that destroys major parts of the town; many families lose their homes, livelihoods, and the Aliwagwag Falls. 

The Bryce Canyon & Grand Canyon

  How much beauty of National Park in America when it comes to preservation? Wondering why so much beauty in natural landscapes in the United States.  Among those favorites spots that owed me are the Bryce Canyon in Utah and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Both Canyons were distinct with different sceneries as looking into the panoramic views that make puzzled how those incredible shapes were made.

The naked island of Camiguin - Mindanao

  Situated in the Northern Island of Mindanao, Camiguin is considered the second smallest province in the Philippines. Camiguin Island has seven (7) volcanos in total including the famous Mt. Hibok Hibok that erupted in the 1950s. Old folks believe that this island exists throughout volcanic eruptions way back in time.  With namesake “Islands-born of fire” yet the volcanic Island of Camiguin is described as the most peaceful Island paradise in the country, blessed with several tourist attractions, spring, beaches, waterfalls, and the people that make tourists are mumble staying here.

Kadayawan Festival schedule of Activities, Davao City

  Kadayawan Festival in Davao City will ink its 33rd this August in celebration of Thanksgiving, abundant harvests, cultural representations, and good life. Kadayawan is considered one of amongst colorful festival celebrations in the Philippines participated with eleven ethnic tribes.  This festival starts when Ancient Visayan and Davao Ethnic tribes residing at the mount Apo gathered on a night of full moon for ritual celebration and thanksgiving to God called Manama and Bula for their bountiful harvests. Through the years, the Kadayawan festival is very much celebrated annually by modern Davaoeños continuing its flourishing thanksgiving traditions. 

The Triplets Lighthouse and the Parola Beach of Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso - Davao Oriental

Cape San Agustin is situated in Barangay Lavigan town of Governor Generoso, the farthest point in the Philippines fronting the Celebes Sea while Davao Gulf is on the other side. It has three lighthouses built that served as the guide to all ships passing through the Gulf. Waves observed sound roaring wild elegantly playing with coral rocks while wind whispering throughout the Cape.

Engaging natures of Uma sa Taba, Carmen Davao del Norte

  There are a bunch of places here in the Philippines that will give you a perfect bonding with your families and friends but most of us always think about those places which are famous, beautiful and well-known attractions. Why not try to go places, where popularity does not recognize but yet gives you even more breathtaking experienced than typically expensive places for your trip with the same happiness, can be given to you.

My Beverly Hills Experience -California, USA

  B everly Hills is a small city in Los Angeles, California with a growing population of more than 34,000 people. It is the home of many celebrities and is famously known as "90210". Beverly Hills has a hot and warm climate while experienced cool wind with occasional rains sometime in August and January.    

The longest sandbar in the Philippines - Panampangan Island, Tawi-tawi

  Welcome to the  longest white sandbar in the Philippines !   Panampangan Island Beach  is located in Basibuli Shoal in the town of Sapa-Sapa, Tawi-Tawi. The sandbar extends 3,128 meters and is characterized by a fine white sand beach.    Panampangan Island  or local community called this as  "Virgin Island"  has   been in the lists of promoting the tourism industry in the Province.   Tawi-Tawi  is part of the  Autonomous Region and Muslim Mindanao   but you will believe that this will be the peaceful Province in the entire Autonomy.

The hidden paradise of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

  Sablayan   is one of the municipalities in Occidental Mindoro, home of more than 80 thousand people became the largest Municipality in the Philippines in terms of land area with a total of 2188 kilometers. The main sources of livelihood here are base on  Agriculture and fishing that makes people choose to live in a simple way. On another side of having a simple way of life, this place has a lot of hidden beauty that could be discovered and to be proud of all over the world; One of these is the   PANDAN ISLAND.

Hop time at Puhada Island in Mati City, Davao Oriental

  Puhada is an Island located in Mati City, Davao Oriental, a 30 minutes boat ride to the community of Dahican. The Island has 150 hectares wide most partly are forests with a small fresh lake at the center and the finest white sand around the shore.  It is privately owned, underdeveloped but yet still one of a virgin Island I been visited this year.

The longest Island to Island Zipline in the Philippines

  Sablayan Zipline  Adventure  is situated inside Parola Pressing Park i n Poblacion, Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. Parola is a Mountain Park that became a watchtower of the town to defend against intruders' way back in the century and became one of the historical places in this town.  At this present age, Sablayan has begun to be known throughout the country when it comes to the tourism industry. 

Things to Do in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

  Mindoro Province in the Philippines is an island that is divided into two (2) Provinces, Oriental Mindoro on the East and Occidental Mindoro on  the south. Occidental Mindoro has eleven (11) municipalities and is home to almost 500 thousand populations full of historical experiences and traditional beliefs.  Aside from History, Occidental Mindoro currently boosting its tourism opportunity. One of its development is in the  Town of Sablayan or so-called the jewel of the South. Sablayan offers you an unforgettable unique vacation experience in your lifetime.

The World Karst Museum - Indonesia

  This mountain-like building stands for an impressive architectural design in the Pracimantoro District in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Surrounded by mountains, mosques, and Parks, the Karst museum has been founded in 2008 and 2010 when it opens to the public as part of the National Geopark of Gunung Sewu and the Wonogiri tourism attraction site. There are at least three Karst museums in Indonesia, but just this can be found on Java Island. It is also considered the largest Karst Museum in Southeast Asia and the very unique museum with complete displays of karst-stones in the country.  

Tiklas Falls, Gingoog

  Misamis Oriental   has a lot of potential in terms of vacation destination especially the beauty of natural surroundings in it.  Gingoog City   is the oldest city or known as "the City of Good Luck" awaits you to visit the magnificent   Tiklas Falls   located in Barangay Lawit. This fall was managed and maintained by City Government as one of the Eco-tourism Park in the City.  Gingoog City is situated 74 kilometers distance from Butuan City and 122 kilometers East of Cagayan de Oro City. 

Tinuy an Falls, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

  Tinuy-an Falls  is located at Barangay Barboaanan, Bislig City of Surigao del Sur, Southern part of Mindanao believe to be the most popular tourist attraction and most visited tourist destination in the province. Going to the falls is not easy due to its demographic distance from the City plus the road is seriously rough especially during the rainy season but good to see that road construction is underway.

8 hours Layover at Singapore, Singapore

After the seminar in Bangladesh, just stopover in Singapore before going back to Manila. Of course, limited time should not be wasted as long as an opportunity to take a shot at a few spots inside the City. I want to be lost in this tiny but very rich Country and discover what is inside of it.

Epic day in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

  Dhaka is a central city of Bangladesh with an almost 17 million population with a 1.1% growth rate every year as one of densely populated in the world. Dhaka has many interesting places to visit but time is limited to see some spots closest to me. National Assembly building or so-called Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban design by the world-famous architect which constructed purely by bricks and concrete masonry lies with its a modernistic masterpiece.    Just past by Lalbagh Fort in Lalbagh Road 1205, one of the beautiful architecture in its era. Constructed start in 1600 AD by the son of an Emperor named Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah.  Dhaka City's Urban structure is a little bit crowded living with growing populations. take photos on the top of the hotel makes you realized how this city is beautiful which represents its friendly people and humbleness. Of course, should not be missed riding with their famous local transportation "Rickshaw"

The Point Mugu Beach - California

Mugu Beach is located along the Pacific Coast highway inside Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County, Santa Monica. Mugu beach is almost two (2) hours drive from Simi Valley towards North of point Mugu state beach. California State Park is shared with Naval Facility, Mountain Park, several Beaches, and hiking trails at Santa Monica Mountains. 

The historic Pusan Point - Caraga, Davao Oriental

  Pusan Point   is a 15 minutes ride from National Highway with about a 9-kilometer distance from its point. L ocated in Brgy. Santiago, Caraga, Davao Oriental; almost a two-hour drive from the Capital City of  Mati . Pusan Point was once recorded in world history catching the perfect glimpse of   “First Millennium Sunrise”  in the year 2000.

Visiting the Meteor Crater site in Arizona, USA

Welcome to the world’s best-preserved Meteor Impact site on the planet! Meteor Crater was a spectacular result of an asteroid collision traveling around the planet a thousand years ago.  This journey starts from Simi Valley, California.  

The stunning New Barili highlands in Mawab, Davao Region

Are you looking for a new sightseer magnet? Tara! In the small city of Mawab in Davao de Oro, there are progressing mounds of the crop as a new sightseer haven in Davao Region. Located in barangay New Barili, New Barili Highland Resorts will bring you to another position of meaningful traveling experience.

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