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Thins to Do in Municipality of Sulop

The Municipality of Sulop is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines located about 17 kilometers from the town of Digos, the seat of the provincial government of Davao del Sur. The community is midway between two major growth centers in Mindanao, namely Davao City of Region XI and the General Santos City of Region XII. it has a population of 35,151 inhabitants according to the Census 2020 

Things to Do in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur | Mindanao

Santa Cruz is the 1st class municipality withinside the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. and part of Metropolitan Davao. Santa Cruz situates withinside the Northern part of Davao del Sur bounded via way of means of Davao City at the north and south via way of means of the town of Digos.  Santa Cruz is traversed via way of means of mountain levels and excessive alleviation that consist of a part of Mount Apo, the best mountain top withinside the Philippines, straddling the south, principal, north, and north-western quantities of the municipality. The rugged topography of the principal vicinity step by step undulates towards the coastal plains of the north-Japanese, Japanese and south-Japanese parts. Santa Cruz has good weather all 12 months spherically characterized via way of means of moist and dry seasons.

Things to Do, overview of Padada, Davao del Sur | Mindanao

Padada is a 3rd class municipality in Davao del Sur with a population of 29,878 people, according to Census 2020. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Hagonoy, on the west by the municipality of Kiblawan, on the south by the municipalities of Sulop and Malalag, and on the east by the Davao Gulf. The Poblacion is approximately 12 kilometers from Digos, the capital town of Davao del Sur.'

Padada , Davao Del Sur

Padada as a city become prepared on July 15, 1949, after its advent into such with the aid of using the distinctive features of Executive Order # 236 of Elpidio Quirino, then president of the Republic of the Philippines. Antonio Go Pace becomes the primary mayor with the aid of using appointment who become the erstwhile councilor of Santa Cruz. Padada is a part of the province of Davao del Sur mendacity among a hundred twenty-five levels 20’ east longitude and six diplomae 28’ 44’ north latitude. The Poblacion is about 12 kilometers from Digos, the capital metropolis of Davao del Sur. 

St. Michael Parish - Padada, Davao del Sur

On April 10, 1910, the Diocese of Zamboanga became created and took all ecclesiastical territories in Mindanao far from Cebu. Then, on January 20, 1933, Pope Pius XI created Cagayan de Oro as the 2nd diocese in Mindanao. During this time Mindanao became divided into dioceses, Zamboanga, and Cagayan de Oro.  In 1934 due to the scarce wide variety of missionaries and considering Davao has handiest 8 Jesuits administering it, Bishop Luis del Rosario of Zamboanga searched for overseas assistance and was certainly considered one among the people who replied and became the Foreign Mission Society of Quebec or popularly called P. Fathers or La Société des Missions-Étrangères (in French: Pretres de Missions-Étrangères,).  In 1937, the primary P. Fathers who arrive right here in Davao had been Fr. Clovis Rondeau, Omer Leblanc, Leo Lamy, Conrad Cote, and Msgr. Clovis Thibault became the principal proponent of organizing the Parish of Padada. On December 17, 1949, Davao have become the Prelature

Things to Do in Matanao, Davao del Sur | Mindanao

Matanao is a second magnificence municipality withinside the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. This town is bordered withinside the west by the metropolis of Columbio, withinside the province of Sultan Kudarat, withinside the north by the cities of Magsaysay and Bansalan, withinside the east by Hagonoy and the town of Digos, and withinside the south through Kiblawan. Matanao Tourism

10 Interesting Places to visit in Kapatagan, Digos City | Mindanao

Kapatagan is an area positioned withinside the highlands of Digos City, Davao del Sur. It is a cold place, being positioned on the foothills of Mt. Apo and expanding at about 1,299 meters above sea level. The fertile soil of Kapatagan makes it perfect for plant propagation and the manufacturing of vegetables. It is one of the assets of vegetables in the Digos area. It is likewise a not unusual place to look cute flora of various species developing in this place. 

Camp Sabros Highland Resorts and the Mount Apo

Nestled in the beautiful place called Kapatagan, Camp Sabros Highland Resorts has so much to offer; from great food, overwhelming views, and thrilling outdoor adventures such as zip line, vintage stuff, big bikes and horses, cabins, and picturesque surroundings. Packed and ready for your next trip going to Camp Sabros.  Camp Sabros Highland Resort is located in Barangay Kapatagan, a mountainous community in Digos City, province of Davao Del Sur in the Philippines. The climate in Kapatagan is tropically cool that's why lots of Highland resorts along the road are rising like mushrooms. 

Things to Do in Malalag, Davao Del Sur

Malalag is a second elegance municipality withinside the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a populace of 40,158. Malalag is in the rural middle of Davao del Sur, and its predominant merchandise is banana, coconut, and different end results and vegetables.  Some pioneers hint at the town's call from a confrontation between a Spanish soldier and Datu Alag, a well-known chieftain of some of the early tribes. It became stated that Datu Alag made an appointment with the Spaniard and promised him to be his guide. However, Datu Alag broke his promise, and now no longer one of his fans ought to inform where he has gone.

Things to do in Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur | Mindanao

Magsaysay is a 1st class municipality in Davao Del Sur, Philippines. It has 56,263 residents according to the 2020 census. One of the main ways Davao del Sur's rural residents make money is by planting and harvesting rice. Magsaysay was once part of Bansalan as the first inhabitants were Bagobos and Manobos, while later settlers from the Visayas eventually became the dominant group. Kialeg - now Magsaysay - is the most populous village and was renamed in 1959 to honor the late president Ramon Magsaysay

Kiblawan, Davao Del Sur

Kiblawan is officially the Municipality of Kiblawan, located in the province of Davao del Sur in the Philippines. As of 2020, it had 49,381 residents. Kiblawan is made up of the Barangays: Bagumbayan, Paitan, Kiblawan, Kibungbung, Manual, New Sibonga, Maraga-a, Ihan, Bunot, Latian and Balasiao from the municipality of Sulop . The Municipality was created under Republic Act No. 4748 on June 18, 1966, and signed by President Ferdinand Marcos. 

Municipality of Hagonoy | Davao del Sur

Hagonoy is a 3rd-class municipality located in Davao del Sur, Philippines. There are 56,919 people living in Hagonoy according to the 2020 census. When Hagonoy was created into a municipality in 1953, these Cebuanos from Danao City settled there. Nathaniel Capuyan and Loselo Capuno Sr. migrated to this area in the 1970s, finding work at local sugarcane plantations. In time, more and more people followed, settling on farmland owned by Alejandro Almendras. Municipality of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur  -

Digos City, Things to Do | Davao Del Sur

A city in Davao province, Digos is officially called the City of Digos and served as an important local government center. It's also home to 188,376 people It is situated on Mindanao's southern shoreline, with General Santos City to the south, Davao City as a major city located on the southwestern part, and Cotabato City to the west. It is included in the metropolitan area of Davao.

Davao City | Davao Region

Davao City is a first-class urbanized city in Davao Region, Philippines. The city has a land area of 2,443.61 km2 (943.48 sq mi), making it the largest city in the Philippines concerning the land district. It is the third-most jam-packed city in the Philippines after Quezon City and Manila, and the most populated city in Mindanao gathered under the region by the Philippine Statistics Authority. As demonstrated by the 2020 insights, it has a general population of 1,776,949 individuals

Bansalan Town, Davao Del Sur

Bansalan is a first-class district in the territory of Davao del Sur, Philippines located around 72 kilometers south of Davao City, 12 kilometers north-west of the common capital city of Digos, and is entirely passable via land transportation generally by transports going to Cotabato City, Kidapawan, and Tacurong. The adjoining towns remember Makilala for the north, Magsaysay in the west, Matanao in the south, and Mount Apo, and part of Digos in the east lies on the northeast of Mt. Apo Natural Park. Its complete land region is 48,548 hectares and is partitioned into 23 towns or barrios where the Poblacion is the fundamental place. As per the 2020 statistics, it has a populace of 62,737 individuals 

Road to the hidden paradise of Malabog, Davao City

Davao City is the main hub of the Davao Region in Mindanao with more than the 1.6million inhabitant where the diversified culture and religion are unified in maintaining lasting peace. Known for its bountiful beaches, natural spots, and historical attractions. Davao City was also famous with the king of the fruit-Durian, Bananas, and other tropical fruit exported outside the province. 

82nd Araw ng Davao schedule of Events and Activities

Davao City marked another year of Araw ng Davao  celebration this coming March 16, 2019. The City government is very optimistic that this yearly celebration attracts thousands of locals and foreign tourists visiting the City. Several events are being scheduled before the date of the celebration, including the most awaited event, the Mutya ng Davao on the 15th of March at the Davao City Recreational Center. On the 16th of March, the Civic-Military Parade will be showcased in the morning. This year, Araw ng Davao marked its 82nd year of celebration.

Dhen Yho's Place, the perfect summer getaway in Davao del Sur

This year, the country is expected to experience the warmest climate condition this summer and maybe the beaches are the least option to go.   If you want to experience cool weather this summer, get packed and head on to the summer capital of Davao del Sur. in the small community of Kapatagan in Digos City, lies with several spring resorts that are perfect for summer vacation and scaping a bumpy city life. Kapatagan is also known as the fruit basket capital of the Region and home of several mountain resorts and the Peak.  This is also an entry point for those tourists flocking at Mt. Apo, the highest Peak in the country, through the Kapatagan Trail.

Davao City | A Prayer Mountain to Light Up on Chinese New year

A Prayer Mountain turned into the Christmas village is set to open on the 2019 Chinese New Year celebration. To light up the Village, over 610,000 LED lights were installed in the mansions, in 65 pine trees, surrounding gardens, and to the 87-foot living pine tree that encompasses 220,000 LED lights alone. The Christmas Village was opened to the public for the first time last November 25, 2018, attended by thousands of people, and can be visited until January 15, 2019. Meanwhile, the management announced that the village will be open during the Chinese New year.     

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