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The Masjid Tiban of Indonesia

  Malang is not just famous with regards to beautiful beaches on Java Island in Indonesia but a home of numerous mythological and religious spots. On a typical rainy night, one spot took my attention through a late-night local travel show about this mysterious mosque, the Masjid Tiban; located in the Turen district, Kabupaten Malang (regency), this viral mosque lies in mystical stories from its construction and I was very intrigued about this myth, where even known outside the East Java locals. According to the myth, this 10-story mosque was built by the powerful Jinn forces overnight and it suddenly appeared without noticing by the locals. So, I decided to head to the exact location during my free weekend to see how it was made.

Best Seafood in Nganjuk, Indonesia

During my three-day visit to Kota Nganjuk in East Java, Indonesia, I had the chance to explore the diverse flavors of their local cuisine. Here are some of the delicious dishes I tried during my stay: 1. Soto Daging Sapi One standout dish I tried was Soto Daging Sapi, a beef soup with a unique twist. In Kota Nganjuk, it's prepared with a flavorful broth and tender beef meat, including some exotic parts, served with rice. Unlike other versions of Soto Daging I've tasted elsewhere in Indonesia, the one in Nganjuk has a distinct salty flavor, omitting the sweetness usually found in dishes like Soto Daging Madura. 2. Nasi Jagung During my visit to Air Terjun Sedodo, I had the chance to savor Nasi Jagung for the first time. This traditional dish hails from Nganjuk and is considered an authentic local delicacy. As the old seller explained, Nasi Jagung boasts a rich and flavorful taste, with corn rice complemented by crackers, salted fish, and vegetables, all topped with a delicious c

Must try noodles in Wonogiri, Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest world's Island country and the second-largest consumer of noodles in the world next to China. No wonder that every traveler can find the noodles cooked in every City to visit.  Most of the time, I love to prefer trying local food to taste, during my travel, that sold by the local people not just to help them to raise their income but also looking for the cultured taste and the originality of it.    Here are some of the best local noodles I've ever tasted during my visit to Wonogiri, Indonesia.   1.  The Soto Ayam in Baturetno, Wonogiri

Sambal Cumi (Chilli in squid) of Wonogiri, Indonesia

  Sambal Cumi is a combination of unique Indonesian flavors mixed with fresh sliced tomatoes, traditional sugar (Gula Jawa), terasi, ginger, garlic, onions, seasonings, Indonesian Chili, and sliced Cumi (squid). The taste is a little sweet, sour, and spicy that could be mixed in the rice or dip with tofu, chicken, or anything you want to mix with it.

Nasi Kremes of Kota Pacitan, Indonesia

  Nasi Kremes can be tasted anywhere on Java Island. It is a local style of buffet cuisine in which all foods are displayed. Just get a plate then choose the local food you want to eat. After the meal, the cashier will ask about the class of food have you get and pay for it base on what you say.  Funny, but it is very effective to test honesty to pay for what you've eaten! Nice practice! food is very tasty and very unique. Enak Banget!  One that I like in Indonesia is the food;  the way of preparing and the process of cooking is definitely very connected in their culture depending on the City where you visit. As result, the taste is very unique and flavourful. 

Savoring Sate Ayam: A Culinary Journey in Nganjuk, Indonesia


Mie Ayam Bakso of Kota Pacitan, Indonesia

  During my first travel to Kota Pacitan, I search for the best Mie Ayam Bakso in the City since this local food is one of my favorite kinds of noodles to eat in Indonesia. One of the local stores appeared. At lunch, I and my friend went to the food stall and order the best serve. a while our order was served at our table together with cold iced tea.

The World Karst Museum - Indonesia

  This mountain-like building stands for an impressive architectural design in the Pracimantoro District in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Surrounded by mountains, mosques, and Parks, the Karst museum has been founded in 2008 and 2010 when it opens to the public as part of the National Geopark of Gunung Sewu and the Wonogiri tourism attraction site. There are at least three Karst museums in Indonesia, but just this can be found on Java Island. It is also considered the largest Karst Museum in Southeast Asia and the very unique museum with complete displays of karst-stones in the country.  

Indonesia | The Istiqlal Mosque - the 6th largest Mosque in the World?

Sunday morning, a day of wandering. We reserved a Grab Taxi from Alam Sutera in Serpong going to Central Jakarta in Indonesia covering the Toll Kuciran connecting roadways to roadways until the business jam began while entering the Jalan Taman Wijaya Kusuma. The closest road to the largest mosque in Southeast Asia is located.

Indonesia | Interesting Thing to DO, Must visit places in Central Jakarta

Jakarta in Indonesia is the oldest inhabited megacity in Southeast Asia established in the 4th century latterly the important trading harborage for the Sunda Kingdom back then. Famously known as the Batavia during the Dutch rule.

Indonesia | The famous Kawah Putih of Ciwidey, Bandung

Ciwidey is located 50 kilometers from the south of Bandung metropolis, home of the notorious sulfur lake in West Java in Indonesia – the Kawah Putih (the white crater). Positioned in the timberland right on an andesitic stratovolcano-Mount Patuha which erupted in the 12th century creating 2 craters, one is dry and on came the lake, the Kawah Putih. There has been no recorded eruption of Mount Patuha since 1600 so this area can be considered stable. During the Dutch rule, this place was formerly a sulfur mining point but now in cease. The Indonesian forestry department took over the area in the 1900s to develop as a tourist point.

Indonesia | The most visited places in Ciwidey, Bandung

This passage broke in Tangerang, aboard a private car, we headed to the small city of Ciwidey in Bandung to visit the noted sites in the area. It has a distance of about 210 kilometers and we traveled for over 3 hours via Jl. Tol Jakarta-Cikampek and Jl. Cipularang Toll Road from the starting point. It's farther compared to 140 kilometers from the southern part of metropolitan Jakarta.

Indonesia | Enjoying the beauty of Pantai Pangi and the alluring sunset of Pantai Tambakrejo in Blitar Regency

  Blitar city is located in the East Java province, noted as the home of Indonesia’s first president Sukarno and the active volcano named Keludat in the north area of the regency. Blitar has a tropical climate while the economy depends on the majority in Agriculture. One weekend in September when I visited Blitar City for the second time and one of the things that I missed during my visit is to explore some side of the Blitar coast. 

The Serang beach of Blitar in East Java, Indonesia

Still can’t imagine how beautiful the Blitar beach has to offer for a beach seeker like me. With a challenging distance of the beach location; most of those are situated in a secluded part far from the progressive city, hidden behind the mountains. During my second visit to this city, I decide to go after the beaches and we ended up   in Pantai Pangi and Tambakrejo which I had experienced the alluring sunset of Blitar.  But my journey does not end there, another  opportunity gives its way to oversee the beauty of the other side of the Blitar coastline and landed to the Serang Beach.

Indonesia | The stunning beach line and the largest water reservoir in southeast Asia - Tulungagung Regency

  If you're looking for an alternative weekend getaway in the east part of  Java Island, then, try visiting the Tulungagung Regency. This Regency is located less than a 2-hours drive from the City of  Blitar which is also famous with historical attractions. This Regency has numerous collections of beaches, beautiful mountains, cultural and historical sites.       

Panataran Temple Compound in Blitar Regency, Indonesia

Blitar is a landlock megalopolis located in East Java, Indonesia; about 73 kilometers from the City of Malang. From Jakarta, I flew to Malang for a weekday work-related exercise. Since no work during the weekend, so I had an opening to explore some sightseer lodestones in Malang and I ended up at the Coban Rondo Cataracts.

The Simpang Lima Gumul Monument in Kediri, Indonesia

Simpang Lima Gumul Monument (SLG) is located in Kediri Regency, East Java. It's likely all rubberneckers would drop by once they pass the area. In the evening, the nuance becomes charmer and suitable for hanging out. The construction of the SLG monument began in 2003 likewise to the Arc de Triomphe of Paris, France, and was inaugurated in 2008.

Irenggolo Waterfalls, Kediri in Indonesia

A beautiful tourism magnet indeed in Kediri is underrated since this small town is far from the airport and the beautiful spots in East Java. Irenggolo falls (Air Terjun Irenggolo) is one of the area's well-known attractions. The waterfall name derives from the legend army commander, Iro Manggolo that lost to the War and fled into these falls to the end of his life, later, the villagers found him  

Borobudur Temple in Jogja Region, the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World?

Borobudur is a 7th-century Buddhist temple compound located in the lush green forest of Kecamatan Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.  It was and the largest Buddhist temple in the world built in the 8th and 9th AD during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty.  I was given a break to visit one of the most celebrated temples in the world in 2018 - The Borobudur Buddhist temple; one of the so-called 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. One weekend, my itinerary is to explore the astonishing attraction in Yogyakarta known not only in Indonesia but also in the world. 

Exploring the Majestic Sedudo Waterfall in Nganjuk, Indonesia

When you find yourself in Nganjuk, Indonesia, don't miss the chance to explore its famous waterfalls, often frequented by locals and tourists alike. Among these natural wonders is Sedudo Waterfall, nestled in Ngliman Village, Sawahan District, within Nganjuk Regency. This picturesque waterfall sits at an altitude of 1,438 meters above sea level, cascading approximately 105 meters down near the base of Mount Wilis.

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