Discover the Must-Visit Destination in Tudela, Misamis Occidental

Nestled in the province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines, Tudela is a charming town that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. With its picturesque landscapes, rejuvenating hot springs, rich cultural experiences, and vibrant festivals, Tudela is an emerging destination worth exploring. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Tudela has something to offer for every traveler.

Tudela is a municipality located in the northern part of Misamis Occidental. Known for its stunning natural attractions and cultural traditions, the town is a haven for nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts. Despite being relatively small and less explored by tourists, Tudela holds immense potential as a destination that showcases the beauty and charm of the province.

When visiting Tudela, Misamis Occidental, there are several activities and attractions that you can enjoy. Here are some of the top things to do in Tudela:

Unwind in Style at Ella Resort:

For a serene and picturesque escape, visit Vista Ella Resort in Tudela. This resort boasts breathtaking views of rolling hills, lush forests, and a majestic waterfall. Relax in comfortable accommodations, take refreshing dips in the swimming pool, and indulge in delectable cuisine. The highlight of Vista Ella Resort is the majestic Ella Waterfall, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and take stunning photographs.

 Relax and Unwind at Hot Bath and Spa:

Experience ultimate relaxation at Kawa Hot Bath and Spa. This unique attraction offers to rejuvenate hot baths using large traditional cauldrons, or "kawas," heated with firewood. Immerse yourself in the warm waters infused with herbs and flowers, and let the therapeutic properties soothe your body and mind. It's a perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate after a day of exploring Tudela's attractions.

Stay at Subanen Village:

Get a glimpse of the indigenous culture of the Subanen people by visiting a Subanen Village in Tudela. Interact with the locals, learn about their traditional practices, and appreciate their craftsmanship in weaving and woodcarving. This cultural immersion allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the rich heritage and traditions of the Subanen community.

Capturing the Magic of the Binalbal Festival

If you happen to visit Tudela in January, don't miss the vibrant Binalbal Festival. This annual event is a celebration of Tudela's cultural and historical heritage. It features street dancing, colorful parades, and traditional performances showcasing the town's cultural identity. Experience the lively atmosphere, witness the intricate costumes and choreography, and join the festivities to truly immerse yourself in Tudela's local culture.


Tudela, Misamis Occidental may be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, but its natural wonders, cultural experiences, and vibrant festivals make it a must-visit destination in Northern Mindanao. From the picturesque Vista Ella Resort to the rejuvenating Kawa Hot Bath and Spa, Tudela offers a range of experiences for travelers seeking relaxation and immersion in nature. The Subanen Village provides a unique glimpse into the local culture, while the Binalbal Festival showcases Tudela's vibrant traditions. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an enriching cultural experience, Tudela promises a memorable journey filled with beauty, warmth, and authentic encounters.

How to get there:

To reach Tudela, you can take a domestic flight to Ozamiz City Airport, the nearest airport serving the area. From Ozamiz City, you can hire a taxi or take a bus or van heading to Tudela. The travel time from Ozamiz City to Tudela is approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Alternatively, if you're traveling by land, you can take a bus or van from nearby cities such as Cagayan de Oro

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